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We curate festival events that inject fun into life, tickling funny bones and uplifting spirits.

Revel in the Vibrant World of DMR: A Spectacular Festival Showcase

At DMR, we are proud to curate a diverse array of festivals that celebrate the arts and cultural exchange. Our festivals bring together talented artists and passionate audiences to experience the richness of different art forms. From CausewayEXchange, an annual cross-border arts festival showcasing the shared heritage of Singapore and Malaysia, to the Malaysian Film Festival, a vibrant celebration of Malaysian cinema, each event offers unique cultural experiences and encourages dialogue between communities. Join us in embracing creativity, diversity, and the transformative power of the arts at our exciting festivals.

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"Where music echoes, colors dance, and souls unite. Experience the magic of our festival, a timeless celebration of art, music, and connection."

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Our festival services at DMR offer a vibrant array of experiences, from interactive workshops that ignite out-of-the-box thinking, to comedy theatre that showcases global humor at its finest. With every event we organize, we guarantee a riotous celebration filled with joy and excitement.



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Step into a world of unforgettable festivals. Join us as we bring art, culture, and pure exhilaration to life through immersive experiences. Get ready to celebrate, connect, and be inspired.


CausewayEXchange (CEX) is an annual cross-border arts festival that celebrates the shared heritage of Singapore and Malaysia. CEX provides a unique platform for artists and visitors to experience the diverse cultures of both nations through various art forms. The festival has welcomed over 38,000 visitors and given a platform to 356 artists and counting.

CEX's focus on the arts goes beyond just entertainment, emphasizing the arts' role in health and wellness for special needs children. CEX collaborates with hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore for arts and healing programs. These programs are designed to promote individuals' physical and mental health through art therapy, music therapy, and other creative practices.

CEX is a powerful example of how the arts can unite people, promote well-being, and break cultural barriers.


The Malaysian Film Festival in Singapore is a vibrant celebration of the best Malaysian cinema, showcasing recent award-winning films over three days at the historic Old Parliament House (the Arts House). Hosted by DMR Productions, the festival also features panel discussions and talks by featured film directors, encouraging dialogue between Singaporeans and Malaysians about their respective film industries.

Dia de Muertos Singapore (Co- Presented)

Dia De Muertos Singapore is a celebration of the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, that takes place in Singapore and features a variety of arts and music collaborations between leading Singaporean and Mexican artists and musicians. It is the most significant event in Asia, where visitors can enjoy mouth-watering Mexican food and drinks while experiencing a colorful and vibrant atmosphere. The event aims to facilitate cross-cultural exchange and knowledge-sharing between Singapore's two different communities and cultures.


DMR Productions and the Bretons de Singapour association collaborated to bring the Brittany festival to Singapore, showcasing the best of Breton culture. The festival features Breton cuisine and Celtic, French, and English music from Brittany, with the French navy bagpipers being a particular highlight. Additionally, the festival presents traditional Breton dance performances characterized by strong rhythms and the use of conventional instruments. The combination of delicious food, lively music, and classical dance provides a glimpse into the rich culture of Brittany, making the festival a must-see event that brings a piece of France to Singapore.



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