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About DMR Productions

Where event dreams become vibrant realities, and much more.
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Crafting unforgettable experiences

We’re more than just event organizers, since our inception in 2000, we’ve been transforming concepts into memorable events, from intimate corporate gatherings to large-scale festivals.

As trailblazers in the Singapore comedy scene, we’ve introduced improv comedy and brought international comedians to our stages, transforming how laughter is shared and enjoyed. But our expertise doesn’t stop at comedy. We’re also the proud founders of the one-of-a-kind cross-border arts festival, CausewayEXchange, celebrating its 10th year.

We’re also event strategists, working with corporate clients like McLaren Technologies and M1 to Prudential and AIA, to craft events that align with their unique objectives. Whether it’s a comedy showcase or a corporate conference, we ensure every detail aligns with our clients’ vision.

Our passion is making our clients’ dreams come true. Our team of professionals work tirelessly to ensure every event we organize is a success. We take pride in our track record and the glowing feedback we receive from our clients.

So, whether you’re dreaming of a comedy-filled corporate event, or envisioning a vibrant festival, we’re here to make it happen. At DMR Productions, we turn dreams into unforgettable events.”


We exist to transform dreams into unforgettable events. We are more than event organizers; we are creators of experiences that leave a lasting impression.


We are committed to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We work tirelessly to ensure every event is a success, reflecting our passion for making our clients' dreams come true.


Revolutionizing Singapore's comedy scene, curating unique events, and launching art festivals, we've tailored our services for esteemed clients like McLaren Technologies and Prudential. As we forge ahead, we're committed to innovating and turning dreams into reality.


With DMR, you're not just hiring an event agency; you're partnering with a team that will make your vision a reality. We're dedicated to creating events that resonate, inspire, and entertain.


Dive into the world of DMR, where dreams meet reality, and every event is an unforgettable experience. Let's make your event dream come true

about DMR production

A Journey of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Shawn Lourdusamy, a man of many talents, is a notable figure in the creative and entrepreneurial scene of Singapore. His journey, marked by resilience and innovative thinking, is an inspiring tale of how passion and perseverance can turn dreams into reality.

DMR Advertising & Promotions was born in 2000, a brainchild of the visionary, Shawn Lourdusamy, a man who dared to dream and turn people’s dreams into reality​. In 2003 DMR Productions was born to handle festivals as well a theatre show productions.

Shawn, with decades of experience in advertising, promotions and events brought deep market understanding to the firm, ensuring it was well-positioned to make a significant impact​.

Over the years, DMR developed into a robust team of dedicated individuals, each proficient in their field, strengthening the backbone of the company and enabling a growth from a single designer to a fully enabled advertising agency .

DMR prides itself on its commitment to client satisfaction, and this dedication is reflected in the long-lasting relationships it has maintained with many of its clients​

The establishment of DMR Productions in 2003 as a subsidiary marked the company’s foray into new realms, including introducing unique entertainment forms to Singapore’s audience​. This led to the founding of CausewayEXchange, a decade old cross-border arts festival, and the Malaysian Film Festival in Singapore, for which Shawn took on the role of the festival director.

Today, DMR stands as a full-spectrum strategic communications consulting firm, offering a wide range of services from designing and executing strategic communication programs to promotion strategies, corporate identity design, print and media design, and digital marketing solutions​

The effectiveness of DMR’s innovative and professional approach is recognized, as it was listed “Making the world happening” by All Events in recognition of the people who’ve contributed to the vision of making the world a happening place, even during the pandemic by organizing events in spite of the major SOP challenges.  CausewayEXchange was awarded “Friends of Singapore” by the Singapore International Foundation.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges, but it also ignited a spark of creativity in Shawn. He started a new venture, #projectitchyhands, turning used bottles into artistic lamps, symbolizing hope and resilience during tough times.

Even during the dark times of the pandemic, Shawn remained resilient and optimistic, viewing the crisis not as a setback but as an opportunity to innovate. At the start of the Pandemic Shawn had set up a delivery business, hiring emcees, DJs and other event staff who needed an avenue to make an income.  He had over 15 drivers under his new delivery team. This new project reflects the spirit of DMR, always ready to embrace change and overcome obstacles.

Lighting Up New Avenues (2020)

When the global pandemic put a halt to many businesses, Shawn did not let it stop him. Instead, he explored innovative opportunities. An idea to turn his niece’s wedding bottle into a lamp and gift it to her as a memorabilia sparked off a creative adventure. Bottle lamp making became a therapeutic activity for him during the stressful pandemic months, symbolizing hope and resilience.

Shawn has conducted corporate team building workshops in upcycling though his lamp making workshops.  He has also conducted programmes for schools on the importance of upcycling as well as the understanding of electric circuitry”

Project Itchy Hands (2020 - Present)

The positive response from family and friends to his bottle lamps motivated Shawn to transform this hobby into a small business venture. This led to the founding of #projectitchyhands. His unique bottle lamps, often filled with expired or used coffee beans, encourage upcycling and recycling amongst the community. One of his biggest orders to date was 25 bottles for a bistro in the east coast of Singapore, a testament to his growing business.

Project Itchy Hands on Social Media

Shawn’s story is an embodiment of his personal mantra, “One of the best and most difficult lessons you can learn in life is that no one owes you anything and you owe yourself everything.” His journey continues to inspire others to seize opportunities, stay resilient, and pursue their passions​.



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